Natural Spring Cleaning

natural soap and lemon

Spring is teasing us. Days are slowly stretching out before us like tightly coiled fern heads unfurling. Soon wild flowers will vie for our attention along the footpaths and lanes. For many of us, spring is the time when we treat our homes to a deep clean. A ritual that sees us shrugging off the […]

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Good Classroom Design

My son’s imagination failed him recently.  Pen poised over a blank sheet of white paper to plan a short story, he found nothing forthcoming. He blamed it on the classroom: ‘it’s like sitting in a grey box’ he explained, ‘ sometimes, the ideas just won’t come’.  This left me thinking about good classroom design and […]

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How to Detox your Home

We often reflect on what we are doing to our bodies, giving them a little housekeeping during Veganuary or whilst staying Sober in October, but tend to give very little thought to home detox. Since the 1950s it has been reported that 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced, 6.3 billion tonnes of which […]

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Seeing Green

the colour green soothes and relaxes

Looking at something green, can significantly lift our mood.  Be it a view from a hilltop, a walk in the park   or a picture of a beautiful landscape hanging on a wall, seeing green has been proven to stimulate and relax us in equal measure. Nature lowers our blood pressure and heart rate and it […]

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Nature, bring it on!

get outside

Intuitively we know that getting outside is good for us.  It lifts our spirits, blows away the cobwebs and leaves us feeling ready to take on our next challenge. Many of the green urban spaces that we enjoy today came into being during the Victorian era. They had a clear understanding that nature promoted wellbeing […]

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