Interior Design and Wellbeing

using natural materials in interior design for wellbeing

Over the last few years the topic of wellbeing within architecture and interior design has gained momentum, fuelled by the research of neuroscientists, psychologists and urban planners. You may have noticed books on the science of sleep, writings on wellness at work and social media feeds filled with images of green garden cities. In line […]

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Good Classroom Design

My son’s imagination failed him recently.  Pen poised over a blank sheet of white paper to plan a short story, he found nothing forthcoming. He blamed it on the classroom: ‘it’s like sitting in a grey box’ he explained, ‘ sometimes, the ideas just won’t come’.  This left me thinking about good classroom design and […]

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Good Office Design, Productive Workplace

The relationship between workplace aesthetics and its effect on employee wellbeing is well documented. With a little consideration, designing an office with a great atmosphere, positive surroundings and the flexibility for employees to work comfortably will both enable and incentivise them to be more productive and happier work. Engaging an interior designer can be an […]

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