Festival Hot List

Wellness Festivals

SUMMER FESTIVALS | a curated selection of the finest festivals in our neck of the woods this summer. Some boutique and undiscovered others a little better known, all with good vibes and a desire to celebrate music, food, wellbeing and creativity.  Set in some of the finest countryside locations in and around Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire and […]

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Kicking Back in Norfolk

photo via backwaternorfolk.co.uk

With the wider family spread across 5 counties it’s increasingly difficult to get everyone together for Christmas, so it’s become something of a tradition to spend a few days in Norfolk in the run up, catching up with parents and childhood friends.  Too many of us to fit comfortably anywhere but a well-sized holiday home, […]

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Craving a Classico Colour Palette for 2019

Interior design colours for 2019

Trends come and go and tastes change but you can’t go far wrong with classic colours in an interior design scheme as a backdrop against which to incorporate seasonal updates.

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Interior Design and Wellbeing

using natural materials in interior design for wellbeing

Over the last few years the topic of wellbeing within architecture and interior design has gained momentum, fuelled by the research of neuroscientists, psychologists and urban planners. You may have noticed books on the science of sleep, writings on wellness at work and social media feeds filled with images of green garden cities. In line […]

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Cwtch up your Home for Autumn

We used to spend our family holidays in Wales, in a stone cottage set into the hillside overlooking nearby Llandysul.  Belonging to a friend-of-a-friend, the first time we made the long journey from Norfolk, we had very little idea of what we would find.  Arriving over the narrow humpbacked bridge we were greeted by a […]

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Thoughtful Garden Furniture

Design your garden with furniture that is socially responsible and relax knowing that is hasn’t cost us the earth

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