Grand Designs Live

This year, I was invited to design and install a space at Grand Designs Live Birmingham at NEC. Leading on sustainability and wellbeing, you hear what Kevin McCloud had to say here.

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Bath Property Awards

Bath Property Awards 2019

With work in a cultural sweet spot, Johanna Davies is definitely one to watch.

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What is Upcycling?

Client:  ‘So these are the pieces of furniture that will definitely be staying and these are the things that are no longer useful.  In this corner are the things I’m not sure about.  You’ll see one or two are damaged but the sofas are still really comfortable, if a bit worn. What do you think?’ […]

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Curtain Styles # 2

goblet heading

Continuing the series of posts on window treatments, today we take a closer look at some more curtain styles ideally suited to full length windows: Goblet Heading Formed in a very similar way to a French Pleat, this luxurious curtain heading is created by pushing out the curtain pleat to form a cup or goblet shape. […]

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Curtain Styles # 1

pleated drape

Window treatments are an important consideration in any interior design scheme and curtains or drapes can help create a cohesive look.  Pleated curtains add a little bit of luxury to a sitting or drawing room and also have the functional benefits of adding warmth and helping with acoustics.  There are a number of different heading […]

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6 Easy ways to improve indoor air quality

indoor plants help improve indoor air quality

Air pollution is a hot topic. Many local authorities (Bath included) are looking at ways to implement clean air zones in our city centres to make them healthier places for our children to grow up. While the focus is on outdoor air quality, indoor air quality gets slightly less press. Until recently, when The Sunday […]

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The History of Curtains

In their earliest form, curtains were a form of drapery used to section off the Great Hall of a manor house (the servants quite literally ‘made their beds’ from straw & blankets and slept at one end, while the Lord and Lady slept around the hearth at the other). Wall hangings in medieval homes were […]

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Sustainability in Interior Design

welcoming in the spring

On the day that the UK declares an ‘environment and climate emergency’ interior designers have a responsibility to guide clients in making considered choices to help meet sustainability targets.

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Natural Spring Cleaning

natural soap and lemon

Spring is teasing us. Days are slowly stretching out before us like tightly coiled fern heads unfurling. Soon wild flowers will vie for our attention along the footpaths and lanes. For many of us, spring is the time when we treat our homes to a deep clean. A ritual that sees us shrugging off the […]

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Kicking Back in Norfolk

photo via

With the wider family spread across 5 counties it’s increasingly difficult to get everyone together for Christmas, so it’s become something of a tradition to spend a few days in Norfolk in the run up, catching up with parents and childhood friends.  Too many of us to fit comfortably anywhere but a well-sized holiday home, […]

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