The Story of Yellow

yellow in nature

Sunny and mood enhancing, yellow signifies change as winter turns to spring and summer turns to autumn. It is a tricky colour to get right when introducing into an interior design scheme, I’ve recently done some digging into the history and symbolism of yellow while introducing it into a design scheme for a client and […]

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The Story of Winter White

The sun rises behind naked trees, slowly warming the day with its diffuse light, reaching through the low mist to touch frosty fields. That ethereal moment before the gossamer shroud lifts and we feel cossetted in the warm glow of Winter White. White with the merest hint of yellow, tempered with a touch of gauzy […]

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The Story of Lilac

May is one of the most beautiful months of the year. As the cow parsley froths along lanes dotted with celandine, red campion and mallow the verges begin to swell with new growth. One of the jewels of the British hedgerow is lilac; in flower for only a few weeks, it raises our spirits in […]

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