Curtain Styles # 2

goblet heading

Continuing the series of posts on window treatments, today we take a closer look at some more curtain styles ideally suited to full length windows:

Goblet Heading

Formed in a very similar way to a French Pleat, this luxurious curtain heading is created by pushing out the curtain pleat to form a cup or goblet shape. The top of each goblet is usually stuffed with wadding or interlining to keep the shape. Commonly seen suspended from a decorative pole with finials it gives an elegant, full look best suited to long windows.

Goblet Heading

Box Pleats

A Box Pleat curtain requires large volume of fabric to create the pleats, so is naturally a more expensive style of window treatment. Giving a smart, tailored look, the flat symmetrical pleats are formed by folding & fixing the fabric to the back of each side of the pleat. They are made either using a special box pleat heading tape or may be hand stitched. As they have a generous stack back, they are often seen at large bright windows where the drapes do not need to be fully drawn back.

boxpleat curtains

Cartridge Pleat

A modern heading which has its inspiration in 16th century ruffs worn around the neck and wrists, Cartridge Pleat curtains have soft rounded folds which run the entire length of the curtain from heading to the floor. The pleats are formed using a stiffened heading tape (such as buckram), which helps the folds keep the distinctive, curved shape. The pleats are usually hand stitched at regular intervals along the heading for a neat uniform look. Pleats can be close together or further apart dependent on the desired result.

cartridge pleat curtains

Perfect for curtains made from fabric with a large, distinctive pattern as the curtain is not as full as other pleated headings, allowing the design to be fully appreciated. As this style of curtain also uses less fabric than some other headings, this style can be a good choice when on a tighter budget.

Smocked Heading

Usually hand-stitched, Smocked curtains have at least 4 rows of stitching to create a honeycomb like design. This type of heading is well suited to a room with a country feel. It is a fixed heading so suitable for both fixed curtains and pelmets. Either lightweight or a heavier weight fabric can be used, depending on the desired look. Voiles and muslin fabrics show the smock detail particularly well.

smocked curtain heading

Scalloped Heading

A Scalloped heading is created either by the way the curtain is fixed to the pole, or the way in which the fabric is cut. It can be combined with a pleated, flat or fixed curtain heading depending on the desired result. It is a relaxed style that complements a less formal setting and can add interest to an otherwise neutral scheme.

scalloped curtain heading

Next time, less formal curtain headings which help create a relaxed look and are perfect for the less public rooms in your home.  Do pop over to Pinterest to take a look at our whole board dedicated to different window treatments (and where you can find the image sources).  We’d love to hear from you about any aspect of interior design you would like to discuss and you can read more about our services here.  Until next time, happy designing!

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