Craving a Classico Colour Palette for 2019


Trends come and go and tastes change but you can’t go far wrong with classic colours in an interior design scheme as a backdrop against which to incorporate seasonal updates.  That’s why we’ll be eschewing irreverent Living Coral in favour of a more grounded Classico colour palette for 2019.  We spoke of Cravings earlier in the year, a collection of berry brights, tempered with milky chocolate and capuccino shades, inspired by indulgent fetish foods.  Colours with which we can all engage and relate to in our daily lives.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019

Pantone have just revealed Living Coral as their colour of the year for 2019, forecasting this ‘convivial’ eye-poppingly peachy shade as the must have colour of the season. In a chromatic response to the mood that we are feeling in these uncertain times, Living Coral is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell more ephemera that we just don’t need.  You can read ex Living Etc Editor, Michelle Ogundehin’s view in Dezeen here.

Living Coral in Interior Design

From an interior design perspective, not only is Living Coral a difficult colour to work with (except maybe in small doses as an accent colour in a kitchen or bathroom), but it harks of insensitivity.  A hue once found naturally in abundant reefs, global warming is fast changing the aquatic landscape, leaving our coral reefs bleached our and rapidly in decline.  For this reason, it doesn’t sit well with us.

Classico Colour Palette 2019

In the words of Pantone, the Classico hues are “elegant and tip a nod to style fundamentals. This is the palette where graceful ‘swan white’ and shades of camel pair perfectly with deep teals, grey flannels, burgundy reds, and caviar blacks.” Classico colours have longevity, Living Coral does not!

classico colour palette
classical shades that ground and nuture

So while we may be craving vibrancy and warmth, especially in the current economic climate and an increasingly physically disconnected world, my response is to turn to  more respectful hues and more fitting classic tones to reflect the mood of the moment and give us a solid platform from which to springboard in 2019. So a few of our favourite Classico Colour schemes to whet your appetite as you think about your forthcoming  interior design project.

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