Seeing Green

the colour green soothes and relaxes

Looking at something green, can significantly lift our mood.  Be it a view from a hilltop, a walk in the park   or a picture of a beautiful landscape hanging on a wall, seeing green has been proven to stimulate and relax us in equal measure. Nature lowers our blood pressure and heart rate and it reduces attention fatigue.

While biophilic design has its roots in the built environment there are many elements of it’s principles that can benefit us in relation to our interior spaces.  Maintaining a visual connection with nature is most obviously achieved through looking out of the window.

If you are lucky enough to have an amazing view, think about how you can best frame it, making it the focal point of your room. Or if your window looks out over an urban cityscape, you might think about masking the view while still letting in maximum natural light by raising the window above the eye-line. Skylights also allow natural light to flood in and can really lift a scheme.

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While not everyone is lucky enough to have a natural scene on tap, nature can still be part of your design scheme. Think about bringing the outside in with a living green wall, an aquarium or simply by introducing plants; consider including artwork such as a landscape painting or a wall mural depicting a natural scene; or use an analogous green colour scheme for a balanced and calming space.

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