Nature, bring it on!

get outside

Intuitively we know that getting outside is good for us.  It lifts our spirits, blows away the cobwebs and leaves us feeling ready to take on our next challenge.

Many of the green urban spaces that we enjoy today came into being during the Victorian era. They had a clear understanding that nature promoted wellbeing and their obsession with the notion of ‘healthy body is a healthy mind’ coupled with the public revolt against the poor air quality and filthy rivers of the Industrial Revolution, saw them embracing nature wherever and however they could. Conservatories and orangeries appended to Stately homes enabled the upper classes to entertain ‘au courant’, while parks afforded the middling classes a safe place to step out and breath the air. City dwellers welcomed nature inside with pot plants in Wardian Cases set against a backdrop of William Morris’ wallpaper.  Nature was for all to enjoy.

Garden Room
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The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently reported scientific evidence that walking in nature and spending time outdoors causes electrochemical changes in the brain that can lead people to a highly beneficial state of ‘effortless attention’. Nature helps us feel ‘fully restored, it reduces stress levels and it can improve creativity and expedite healing.

So how can we enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature every day when we are confined to an urban environment or during the winter months when we take refuge in our cosy sitting rooms?

Driven by forward-thinking urban planners who recognise that the natural environment is integral to the design of future cities, the basic principles of Biophilic Design are slowly making their way into the consciousness of interior designers keen to promote wellbeing in our ever hectic lives.  Introducing elements of nature, even in a very subtle way, into our homes, is a great place to start.

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